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windows 8.1 - plays device disconnect sound at random

Level 8
Today my computer has been playing the sound, which it normally plays when you disconnect a usb device, at random when im not even at the computer. im sitting in anther room when i hear it. several times at random intervals.

i'm running windows 8.1 on a stock g750jx with the following plugged in .. power adaptor, ethernet cable, usb mouse and external monitor.

any ideas??

Level 8
i have an external lcd monitor which is plugged into the g750jx through the vga port... when i start work in the morning i turn the external lcd monitor on and select "extend my desktop" then when i finish work in the afternoon i select "show desktop only on 1" and i turn off the external monitor.

ive gone back to the computer later in the evening and noticed that it has changed settings back to "extend my desktop" all on its own.. strange... but could this have something to do with the device disconnect sound?