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Windows 7 to solve wireless issues?

Level 7
Evening all, I bought my G750JX on Monday, and I "Upgraded" to windows 8.1 as soon as I set it up - And my wireless is absolutely terrible because of it. It's fine when I'm using it for browsing etc, but as soon as I try download a game on Steam, my wireless speed drops to like 50kb/s then within a minute its back to 700-800ish. These drops happen essentially few minutes.

The wireless card I have is: Atheros AR9485WB-EG

I've tried the drivers Microsoft installs, the drivers from Atheros's website ( or something?) and the Asus drivers on the support page, NONE fix this issue or alleviate it, I had the same issue with my Sony Vaio the other year but updating DID fix it.

I've reverted to the normal "High Performance" power settings of windows thinking power4gear was messing up my network card power savings. They're set to NOT turn off when not in use, so that's not the issue either.

Can I install Windows 7 on this laptop to fix the issues? I'm half tempted to plug in a mini usb wireless solution, I shouldn't HAVE to do that, though. Will everything work okay? I don't want to install windows 7 if my backlight wont work, my fans take off, etc.


Level 9
You can install Windows 7 but I can't say whether it will fix the problem or not. Since you experienced this before on a different machine with a different wireless card, it may be your network and not your card or its driver.

Is there another network you can test this theory on? A friend, neighbor, relative, or even a public WiFi spot?

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Level 8
how are you sure its the wifi card?
not steam, not your ISP, not your modem?

I still find it curious how Windows 8.1 doesn't like this setup, though. Every other OS I've used has got along just fine.

Level 7
UPDATE: I feel stupid now. Instead of our usual setup, which was 2 modem routers (one being used for just its modem, the other for its routing) I used just one of them, now it seems to have a solid no-drops connection. The reason I didn't use this router in the first place is because when I join servers the router has a thing for just hanging and requiring a restart.

Looks like I'm gonna have to invest in a new router.