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Win 10 - Network Adapters

Level 7
Ok, so my upgrade went ok with out any hiccups. When it rebooted I noticed that I didn't have any network connections. When I goto Device manager I see a Intel Dual band wireless device, but I cannot see wifi networks or plug into to network with cat5.

Level 7
I have the same problem with @norti same unit g551jw but the links that Tommy M provided doesnt work for me, I tried IE 11, I also tried ReDXfiRe suggestion but still having some Lan problems..

Can you download the latest driver cabs from the Update Catalog site? You need to install a plugin foir IE to enable downloads. Sort by release date and look for this version: 10.2.703.2015

There should be 2 versions on the site:
301333 bytes
269363 bytes

For Windows 10 64bit you need the one with AMD64
For Windows 10 32bit you need the one with X86

Unpack the cab files and install the driver in Device Manager MANUALLY (choose disk method), don't let W10 fool you 😄
I'll try to post a detailed tutorial later this day.

Level 7
It seems to be working fine now, thanks for the help 🙂

Level 7

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