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[WiFi] Official Windows 8 Driver Not Working, Alternate Driver Kinda Working

Level 7
So I have a very interesting problem! My G55, after upgrading to Windows 8 I tried using the built-in Qualcomm drivers, that didn't work so I experimented around for a bit. I'll try to get all the pertinent information into an easy-to-read post, in the steps that I took and the results that I got.

1) Install Windows 8 Fresh, use built-in drivers.
- Can connect to unsecured Wireless APs
- Cannot connect to most WPA2 encrypted APs
- Cannot connect to ANY APs using WPA2/PEAP with MCHAPv2 (Authentication against Microsoft Active Directory)
This is where things get a bit messy! At the university I attend and work for, every WiFi Access Point uses this scheme to authenticate users against the school's Active Directory. If you're unfamiliar with this, it basically means I use my school username and password instead of only a WPA2 password/key. It does ask for my username and password, but times out when trying to connect.

2) Install official Qualcomm drivers provided by ASUS at this page (link).
- Can connect to unsecured Wireless APs.
- Can connect to most (but finicky) WPA2 encrypted APs
- Identical problem with PEAP/MCHAPv2.

3) Fresh install of Windows 8 Pro again, then install this driver here (link). Results are very mixed, please read carefully:
- Can connect to all APs! No problem connecting at all! Very stable connection!
- Upon reboot, or restore from sleep/hibernate, the "Networks" charm/sidebar-thing shows that WiFi is in an "off" state.
- Upon reboot, or restore from sleep/hibernate, the "Network and Sharing Center" does not include the WLAN card in the list.
- Upon reboot, or restore from sleep/hibernate, the WLAN card is listed in the "Device Manager", is powered on and has no warnings.
3.1) After rebooting or restoring from sleep/hibernate, I need to delete the WLAN card from "Device Manager", then reinstall it with the proper drivers. Please read results, because it's still a mess here.
- Can connect to all APs!
- Disconnects after 10 seconds and forgets which driver to use?! This is very weird. The "Device Manager" shows that it has reverted to the driver included with Windows, forgetting that I had just installed it with an alternate driver.
3.2) After it forgets which driver to use, I go back to the "Device Manager", update it to use the alternate driver.
- Finally, it works. No problems until the next time I reboot or sleep/hibernate.


As you can see, this is a strange problem. That's a long and arduous process to go through every time I power my computer on. Anyone have similar issues, or perhaps a solution?

Please ask any questions if I was not clear in explaining anything.

Level 7
Okay, well. I've found a temporary solution that's much easier than what I had been doing. Of course, it's embarrassing that I didn't think of it before.

Just using Windows' built-in troubleshooter, it automatically turns it on without any problems. I never figured it would do anything because the keyboard Fn combination doesn't.

Anywho, I'm satisfied with this and using my alternate driver. But the issue that I have with the official driver still stands. Trying to access most encrypted APs with the official driver is a no-go.

Level 7
same bug here