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Why I Returned My G752VS OC Edition

Level 7
I recently bought the G752VS-XB72K. After having it for less than 1 week, I decided to return it. I wanted to post my experience with this laptop so that it may help others with their purchasing decision. I wrote this in more or less of a story format so you can tell my train of thought during all of this.

I purchased the G751JY last black Friday. I loved this laptop. Yes it kind of big and heavy, but I take it everywhere with me and it is a power house. I heard earlier this month that NVidia was going to release their 10 Series for laptops soon and that it may not be an "m" chip, but a full desktop chip. To say the least this sparked my interest. Then two weeks ago NVidia did the incredible. A desktop GPU in a mobile package, and their posted performance looked incredible. While my current laptop has a 980m, these chips were wildly faster and I knew I wanted one.

I went right to the ASUS website that Monday, but they had not posted and new builds yet but two days later there they are. They had updated their G752 line with a 1070. It was not the 1080 I was hoping to get, but their unit with a 1080 in it was $4,500 bucks. Being that ASUS had always had very competitive prices before, I assumed it was priced that way for a reason. The 1070 was crazy powerful as it is, and when I saw an add on the ASUS home page for the G752VS OC Edition I was sold. Three days later, I had my new laptop.

I got my laptop just before I went to bed, so I just placed the box aside for when I woke up for work. When I woke up, I opened the box, to see this new laptop. At first glance I thought, "this seems bigger", but maybe it was just the silver color making it look bigger than my current black G751JY. Next I start to look at its coloring. Honestly I didn't really like it that much on the outside. I felt the copper and silver design was an odd choice, but once you open it the inside looks quite nice. I took my current G751JY out of my bag and went to place this one inside. It didn't fit! I had to more or less, shove and stretch the bag over this laptop just to get it in. My G751JY fit perfectly when some room to spare, so this was indeed bigger. If I loved the laptop, maybe getting a new bag is not a big deal.

When I got to my lunch time I fired it up, set things up and updated the NVidia drivers. I didn't see any updates even though I know there was one available, So I had to manually update it. Once that was done, I loaded 3dMark and run tests. The tests looks very good, getting very high scores. After they were done I went into Game Center to change it to the OC setting but to my surprise it already was. Apparently it is set to this by default. A little sad that I was not going to see higher scores I set it to Normal to see how much faster the OC was running. I was shocked to see that it ran faster when it was not over clocked. As you will see in the links at the bottom, it ran quite a bit faster most of the time not over clocked, really only running better in the less demanding title BioShock Infinite.

At this point I was kind of torn. Over Clocking made things worse but it was still very fast on standard so maybe it didn't matter. Next I tried the speakers, and was disappointed that I felt they sounded worse than my last laptop. I mostly used headphone anyway so maybe this was not going to be an issue. When I closed the lid I noticed it felt kind of strange. After opening and closing it a few times it felt kind of cheap and more plastic than my G751JY, This bothered me but maybe it wasn't as bad as I had thought.

Now I'm starting to feel very disappointed. Yes, this laptop ran fast and this is what mattered most but I'm also trying to look past the fact that its Bigger, Heavier, Doesn't fit in my bag, Doesn't look as nice, Doesn't over clock well, has poor sounding speakers and the lid feels cheap. As I'm looking on the ASUS website I notice something odd. A new page for the G752VS that says the display was 120Hz. My display is not 120Hz. The page I looked at originally shows that it was going to be 75hz, but now they had a new page saying they are going to, at some point, have the same model at 120Hz but its not the $2,500 unit I just bought?!? At this point I was really like "WTF Asus!" I was already thinking of sending it back when I saw the deciding factor, MSI released their new laptops.

I had never been an MSI fan, and I think the feel and layout of the ASUS keyboard is much better, But these specs Vs. what I just bought were ridiculous. Now yes, this laptop is $300 more than what I just bought, but this is what they will give you for that money. First and foremost was a 1080. A 1080! ASUS cheapest model with a 1080 is $4,500 and they are only asking $2,799??? The display on the MSI is 120Hz. Granted there is no G-Sync, but I don't think its going to matter with a 1080 and 120Hz. My current desktop as a 144hz and 780Ti and its been just fine. Keyboard is RGB. Sound is worlds better, It has one more audio port, one more USB 3.0 port, one more M.2 slot and looks better. The rest such as Ram, CPU, ect.. was all the same as the ASUS.

I have returned my unit, and am waiting for the MSI GT73VR to be released on 9/5. I will not know how I feel about it until I get it. I know they have a new cooling system too but no idea if its any better or worse than ASUS. There is no reason you have to pay $4,500 for a 1080. The problems I saw on their laptop are unforgiveable at this point. To still have poor audio, not realize that people think this laptop looks ugly, to charge so much and to have the build quality seem cheaper?!? I really hope I can come back to ASUS when I upgrade again in a year or two, but as it is right now I can no longer recommend ASUS laptops. Such a shame because they were so good, and well priced until now. Except the Audio, it has been bad for a while.

Benchmarks -

ASUS Saying 120Hz -

ASUS Actual Available Models not 120Hz -

***Update 9/11/2016***
I left of last saying I was going to see how the new MSI laptop performs when it comes out. I have just received my GT73VR and wanted to go over that Vs. the G752VS briefly.

Like the G752VS the GT73VR has a G-Sync display, however the GT73VR is running at 120Hz vs 75Hz on the G752VS. 120Hz is not the same as say, going from 1080p to 4k but it adds a level of smoothness that is much welcomed. The GT73VR display is also using IPS and not TN panels Like the G752VS does giving you richer colors and better viewing angles.

I wont say to much about the GPU as its not fair to compare them too much since the G752VS has a 1070 and the GT73VR has a 1080, but needless to say it is nice jump as seen in the benchmark link I have updated.

Both of these Laptops say they can be overclock. Testing the G752VS in overclocked mode was very underwhelming as it has almost no gain and in some cases loss. However, with the GT73VR the overclocking shows noticeable gain across the board. I attribute this to better cooling on the MSI.

Lastly comes the temp and noise. The Temps were all very good, as the unit did not get any hotter underneath or on the keyboard similar to the G752VS or G751JY for that matter. The noise on the other hand was a bit louder than the G752VS. At max fan speed it was probably 2.5x louder, sounding like a small desk fan on low setting. During most game play it was not that loud but it could get that high. With the better cooling and 1080 the noise is passable and understandable but may be a problem for some as its not the whisper quite fans of the G752 series.

Overall the MSI build just felt better and if you don't mind the fan noise, it makes a lot more sense as its has a lot more bang for your buck. Also the speakers sound good.

Side Note: After seeing the cooling issues when over clocking the G752VS and seeing the cooling on this MSI with the 1080 and OC CPU, I would be cautious of the G701VI. It so thin that I don't know how its going to handle cooling a 1080. Just FYI.

Level 9
I'm sorry to hear that you returned your G752VS. That's usually how it goes with new models. Less features, higher pricing. It's best to skip a year or two, or buy a previous model for max value for money.I hope you get a better deal from MSI. And thank you for the info and benchmarks, they're very useful to us who are currently shopping for a new 10series laptop.

Level 7
When I want change my Asus G751JT - I think that it will be MSI because every next asus G laptop is worst than G previous asus laptop.

viper3000 wrote:
When I want change my Asus G751JT - I think that it will be MSI because every next asus G laptop is worst than G previous asus laptop.

Sadly this is true. I hope whenever they release the G753 its better

viper3000 wrote:
When I want change my Asus G751JT - I think that it will be MSI because every next asus G laptop is worst than G previous asus laptop.

I'm in the same position as you 🙂

Level 7
Thank you very much cuniac.

Now that I learned that the speakers of this laptop are bad, i lost interest in this laptop...

Level 10
Wow. I was looking at these laptops with the 10 series to replace my current G752 in a year. Hoping by that time they come out with a G753. I cant believe the cost either. I also may go to another manufacturer. $4500 is surpassing Alienware and their ridiculous prices. If the workmanship is not top notch, I cant see paying for it. I like the look at the G series laptops vs MSI's black. I also prefer their cooling to MSI, however MSI has been making huge strides in that department from single fan a few years ago to I think tri fan's now. I would not take the look of a laptop over performance/workmanship. For $1000+ difference, it would have to be amazing, and the initial observations don't sound good. Hopefully Asus takes note.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
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Level 12
Thanks cuniac)
I'm looking at GT73 myself, with 1070 ,and 120Hz ,and 128SSD - it goes for $2.200.
And I love that new chasis.
Asus here is trying to test our intelligence. And fails hard.

DeltaActual wrote:
Thanks cuniac)
I'm looking at GT73 myself, with 1070 ,and 120Hz ,and 128SSD - it goes for $2.200.
And I love that new chasis.
Asus here is trying to test our intelligence. And fails hard.

I just wish they could make a really solid laptop for the price. I love the asus keyboard layout and feel, it has the best out there IMO.

Level 7
I have already gave up asus since i purchased the G752VY, which where my last chances to asus ends.
Bad Quality controls, bad sound quality, NO, Yes NO features to offers to hardcore rog fans, yet cost so much!!!
NO rgb keyboard, NO OC, CHEAP PCB, useless vapor chamber, problematic unstable bios, useless G sync that actually not working well ( vsync still forced on to use g fking sync)
With 300% more profits in selling each unit to retail + 20% retail profits. You all still want to donate and support them?

Look at those pity user of gx700. My friends travelled to malaysia purchased gx700 with RM19000 , within a week the gx700 price become RM13000!
Yet performance like shxt. We used to play the division together.

Before i officially leave asus and this forums, i and my friends will spits on your grave for scams profiting.
For all people around internet who found this message, and this forums, please do research and be a smart buyer. Dont be sheeps like me.