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Why i feel betrayed by my g750jz. And why i hate optimus.

Level 7
Hi guys. Im a professional 3d artist/designer and recently im a gamedeveloper.

Here are some of the problems i encountered with this laptop so far, which make my life miserable.
My main problem is that due to some circumstances im stuck with it, for maybe couple of months ahead for sure.

Why dont i start from the very beginning?

* Bought it, in retail everything looks fine. Brought home - 'W' key falls off. Just like that you press its lower part, it fells off.
No visible damage, if you press it normally you cant tell defect (just works) but once pressed lower part it jumps right off.
Bring it back to vendor - "Sorry its your fault, you broke that" in know i did not.
They want to scam me? Fat chance. Call police, lawyer, customer protection etc.
Next day they begging me to not drag them in court. Okay i don't care just give me working laptop.
Exchanged took money from them for travel time and travel expenses.

* Screen is crap, vertical lines, tho colors and response time are good, ignore that i wont look at that screen so much.

* Start mirgating my software etc, new to windows 8.
Suddenly my life becomes a miserable hunt for hacks to disable all MS horse poop and removing tons of bloatware
carefully provided by ASUS. Hacks to disable charms. To kill Edge UI, to kill Skydrive, to this to that etc.

* Dinamic brightness cant be turn off, but whatever.

* Realise i can't switch completely to Nvidia GPU.

After 2 months of suffering with all my pro software that you have to manually tweak to work properly disregarding all
optimus attempts to flip me over.
Something happens, that overrides all my registry hacks for windows, rendering months of careful tinkering flush in vain.

Install windows 7.

Realise that windows 8.1 has better performance with optimus.

Hack explorer.exe and dwm.exe to wrok on gpu.
Doesnt change much still pathetic HD4600 is responsible for rendering windows interface which leads to numerous issues
while Aero is off Photoshop cant recognize my GPU no matter what.
While Aero is on Unity 3d drops performance 2 times.
Performance in games is somewhat better sometimes.

i have 3 screens.
In windows 8.1 multiscreen has better performance. Sad to see this

with 3 screens and

with one.

Realize that spitting on my settings for desktop rendering Optimus(tm Pest Technologies) still uses intel for rendering
windows. Everything feels sluggish and response time is bad with Aero on.

Have problems with Unity3d 4.6rc18 completely not being able to recognize nvgpu disregarding anything,
which it should not, because its beta, but would not happen if i wasn't locked on that pathetic intel chip.

No fan control for gpu whatsoever.

Crippled nvidia 880m not working on 100% official nvidia responce is silence check this thread

12 pages of people ranging from professional OC's to casuals. Ofc silence like here, because why even bother - they already bought it.

For those 2 months i own it, ive seen only one official response on forums when someone accidentally insulted Asus member and they transitioned from ignore mode, to rage induced SHUTUPORIKILLYOU type of behavior. Which leads to conclusion that they do read this but will act like they don't.

So far optimus caused more nerves, stress and hatred than any other piece of hardware equipment i ever had, ever. Ever.
In my opinion this is the worst decision that was made with this laptop which otherwise (disregarding cheap screen and other minor issues) is good.

And the official silence on the issue is just destroying my trust in this company every day more and more.

Ok i can get that you FAILED miserably by propagating GPU outputs into intel buffer and then it goes to screen.

Why cant nvidia gpu render EVERYTHING and then just output it to screen through that buffer?

Because it will cost more than neural cells of couple of suffering customers? Because you.. can't? Don't want to?
Too hard? Requires admitting you have done something wrong? Even hmscott which tries hard to defend ASUS
agrees that it is WORST decision. Whats gonna happen? Silence. No solution what so ever.

Conclusion is just really, if you are working with 3d/2d gamedev, cg, compositing etc, and you seek for a serious machine
Everything is fine, just everything, but being locked on Intel Chip causes so much compatibility issues with pro software
that you will find yourself in endless hell of seeking solutions to problems that are caused by this, on daily basis problems occur.
This doesnt work right, that throws some exceptions, this lags, that just stupidly refuses to work etc etc etc..

PS. i will contact ASUS support and just copy paste this wall of text to them, see what they will respond.

In mean time all asus forum member which are reading this are free to maintain silent mockery, and imply problem does not exist and im just mad for no reason.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

Level 7
Maybe this way will force them to do anything to solve this bug they call "Optimus" and return the missing BIOS
What are your thoughts guys?
Also when they say "its impossible because of (insert canned nonsense)" don't believe.
It is possible, and some people with enough experience in bios modding succeeded in
doing so and use only Nvidia.

Im really tired of being lied to and using intentionally crippled piece of machinery that costs 3k$,
because of whatever their lucrative reasons behind this decision are.
What are the options to make them move? I understand that for them we are nothing but
insects and our requests or suffering are just a minor annoyance, but MAYBE someone here
that knows how to get to them can help.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

How do you like this?
That is official NVIDIA statement - Optimus IS DESIGNED by Asus, there is nowhere to run ASUS.
You are to blame for this BUG.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

I dunno who you were talking to in the scheme of things, but Optimus is not designed by ASUS, it's an Nvidia technology.

The tech itself yes, but on other laptops you can disable it, which means that the WAY its assembled with the rest of the hardware, the DESIGN of all components and how they interact is done by ASUS, that's what hes talking about.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

It is possible, on my Alienware 18 you press FN + F5 then the laptop reboots and switch from the integrated graphics to the dedicated GPU and it's locked like that forever until you hit FN + F5 again
CPU: Intel Core i7-4900MQ CPU @ 3.8 GHz (8MB Cache)
Graphics: Dual GeForce GTX 780M SLI 2x4 GB GDDR5 RAM
Sound: Realtek ALC668 HD Audio with Klipsch Speakers
Memory: 32 GB Kingston HyperX 1866 MHz DDR3 PC3-14900 RAM
Storage: Samsung 850 PRO 256 GB SSD + Samsung 850 PRO 1 TB SSD + Samsung 840 EVO 1 TB mSATA SSD
Screen: Samsung LTM184HL01 18.4" WLED FHD (1920 X 1080) TrueLife Display PLS 16:9 1080p [SDC4C48]
OS: Windows 8.1 (x64)

I should have bought alienware
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

broadleaf wrote:
I should have bought alienware

There are far more complaints about Alienware than there are about Asus 🙂

So, uh, my GPUs failed. Again.

Yet another 18 problem...screen flickering.

had to replace a screen on the 18..

Random Black Screen

Alienware 18 black screen!!!

The number of problems with 18 is unacceptable.

All manufacturers have QC issues, complex systems fail in complex ways - Asus does the best.

BTW, Asus would have had to design in the video switch to drive the display/outputs with Nvidia and Intel, right now it is all wired through Intel iGPU physically. You can find all kinds of strings in the vbios/bios, but that doesn't indicate they are implemented, or can be implemented after the design and assembly are set and complete.

I am hoping Asus offers a pure performance G750 with Nvidia only, like the G750JW/JX/JH

There is no reason for it in a G750 class laptop anyway.

I know it is frustrating, but to vent here in a user supported forum does little to change anything - we don't work for Asus, but if it makes you feel better, please do continue to yell out there into the void if it helps you feel better 🙂

Here are the Asus support and feedback options

I do understand what you mean, but i feel so powerless against this cold corporation with their indifference that i have
nothing else but to fight windmills.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

broadleaf wrote:
I do understand what you mean, but i feel so powerless against this cold corporation with their indifference that i have
nothing else but to fight windmills.

broadleaf, and the Windmills appreciate it, it is how they turn 🙂

The link I gave you in amongst the forest of links has several channels:

Hotline, Chat, Feedback