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Why aren't there any updates for Asus G752VY Drivers ?

Level 7
Why aren't there any updates for the Asus G752VY drivers?, There is no update to the rog gaming center and turbo gear for this version. Or is the website outdated and I can find it somewhere in the forum maybe?

Level 7
Because it's ASUS.
I'm moving away from ASUS products for this reason.

Level 13
No manufacturer provides eternal updates and feature enhancements for all there products. If there is an issue or vendor updates they are generally pretty good with updating. Other than that there comes a time when its time to pull the plug and move resources to newer products. Gaming center and turbo gear versions are machine dependent. What is up is considered stable and works for this platform only. The R&D and software teams are finite and not unlimited resources. They typically work on a project until its considered completed then move on. There was quite a bit of updating going on when this machine was in its infancy two years ago. They actually did do a BIOS update less than two weeks ago although the change log was weak as usual.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

While it's normal to not provide updates forever, it is normal to at least provide updates during the products lifecycle.
Especially for premium products.