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Which one? Which G752vs Model to Choose? Which Reseller to buy from?

Level 7
Ok to start im planning to replace my almost 2 years old g750jm to g752vs pascal series.
My g750jm still run nice, max temp below 70 even at full load. But you know on latest game I can only run it to medium.
Which is time to upgrade!

Anyway the problem is I dont know which one will I pick and where to buy aside from Amazon?

To start all of our laptop are Asus brand and bought all from Amazon. I have a high trust on Amazon cause every problem I have all solved! But the thing is when I try to order, Amazon doesn't ship now on Alaska. I mean its possible if I will buy on the 3rd party seller on Amazon. But if fulfilled by Amazon they dont ship.

Now since I cant buy on Amazon directly, it needs to be other merchants. Im thinking.
- XoticPC
- ExcaliberPC
Anyone tried to buy there new rig from that seller? What can you say with there customer service?

By the way ExcaliberPC sales this for 2499$ which is a bundle.(I like the bag and the price but it seems fishy, I did try to look on the ratings seems trustable but on latest reviews there are some complaints.)

While XoticPC sales just a laptop for 2399$ ( But the ratings here is 9/10 while the EXCaliberPC is 6/10 I think)

Anyway can you share your experiences on the 2 sellers?

And also is there a huge differences if I will pick g752vs-rb71 over g752vs-xb72k ?
I know the rb71 has low mem, 6700hq proc and have 7200HDD rpm. I want to know is there a huge differences on fps on gaming? Since both of them have a 1070 I think the fps wont be a big differences right?

And at rb71 is the gpu overclockable? But the cpu not?

Thanks in advance for replies 🙂