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Where to find a G751JT cpu fan replacement

Level 7
The CPU fan (left fan) vibrates a lot at all speeds, making a horrible noise. I've removed the fan and did a thorough cleaning. Still vibrates. Where can I find a replacement?
Ebay searches for G751 Fans only show a 5v version of the fan. Mine is a 12v 0.4 amp Delta fan. Searching for part number on google I find some random part stores with very high prices ($70-$90). Part number I have is a 'Delta ksb0612hba02'.

Anyone else have a good source for G571 parts? Does ASUS have a parts service?

Level 7
Here are the Part numbers for reference

13NB06F1P10011 is CPU fan (left)
13NB06F1P11011 is GPU fan (right)

I purchased a new CPU fan from a Amazon seller and it was the GPU fan not CPU fan I needed. So I'm not off to a good start.

Level 10
Googling the CPU fan part number brought up several options to purchase the fan. I'd recommend Amazon due to their A to Z guarantee.