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Where to buy G75VX ?

Level 7
I was wondering if there was a reliable seller that would sell a G75VX witht the follow specs:

Intel 2.4 Quad Core
around 500GB (or more) + a SSD
A Nvidia 670mx
And around 8.7 pounds (somewhat not near 10 pounds)
An 12GB or more of RAM

Please send info! and links!

Level 9
Hi Majestir5,

Take a look over at Amazon UK G75VX deals
Click ->Republic of Gamers<- official Facebook page

Level 7
The options of RAM are low......too low......

Level 9
It'll cost you less money to buy one with less ram and adding more ram yourself, Buy the 8GB model and add another 8GB afterwards for less than 60 bucks out of your pocket(order some ram online at or wherever you shop)

You won't lose your warranty for adding more ram if the only place you put those ram is in the accesspanel behind the laptop(The 2 slots under the keyboard are already loaded with the 8gb of ram_

Best Buy carried these laptops for a while, my buddy who works at best buy told me that I bought the last model and they won't be ordering more in due to these laptops not selling so well(They are just not a big seller) I'm not sure if every best buy is doing this but it seems all the local best buys around me have completely got rid of their Asus G-series. (you might get lucky and can get one locally)

Don't buy one that comes pre-installed with an SSD, just add one yourself for a lot less money. You can save literally like 300-400USD just by installing your own SSD. Its not that hard to do, you can literally pop in an SSD and do a system restore then install Windows onto the SSD instead of your HDD. There are other ways to go about doing it, just got to search around. I would've paid over 2000USD for my G75VX if I didn't do the upgrades myself.

I paid 1300 for my G75VX, 8GB ram, 1TB HDD, GTX670MX, i7 Processor. Added myself a 512GB SSD for 350USD and another 8GB of ram for 49 bucks.

Cost me way less than 2000USD and I was able to retain my warranty =]

Level 11
Yeah just put the ram and SSD in by your self and save a few hundred.

G75VX from bestbuy is $1250. 120gig intel 520 is $150. 8 gigs of ram is $40 from newegg. That gives you this.

i7 3630qm
gtx 670mx
16gigs of ram
1tb hdd + a 120gig SSD

Total $1440.

You order from hid you are looking at $1880 and for that price you get get a much better system that is faster. There you pay $80 for 16 gigs of ram. Yes they are charging you $40 for your own ram that would be in your system. Even best buy dont charge $80 for a 8gig kit. And paying $205 for the Intel 520. I bet they dont even kiss you after or call you the next day.

So, I kinda dont want my laptop to weigh more than 10 pounds, can i modify it while maintaining around its current weight?

Are the fans quiet even with the 670mx?

And if there is a one that comes with all my specs PLEASE can u link it. How do you know if the SSD fits the socket, and if its compatible?

Level 9
It weights less than 10 pounds but very close to it lol, at least the G75vx is_ you really can't modify it much to lose weight. The fans are extremely quiet, you won't hear them. I got mine overclocked to its limits according to msi afterburner and its dead quiet, I have to really listen to even hear the fans kick on. +1 or Asus there. The cooling on this thing won me over on buying it in the first place because I like to push my hardware to their limits, whether on a laptop or desktop and the better the cooling, the higher I can go in clocks.

Goodluck on your purchase and hope you like your new laptop if you decide to finally go and pick one up =]

Level 7
I am really not good at all that computer stuff, with the recovery discs and etc. Is there a video on how to install a SSD on a Asus G75VX? Or a pre-buit one.

Level 11
Ok very easy to do this.

Can you remove screws?

Can you put them in?

Can you fallow simple directions?

If you say yes to those then you can.

Installing the ram. Remove one screw pull up on the bottom cover. Then push the ram in to the slot "Only does one way" and push down and it will click into place. Its a nice firm push to get it into the slot.

Install the SSD. Remove 4 screws pull the cady out. put 4 screws into the cady that will hold the ssd in. Then put it in and slid it towards the other hdd. Put the 4 mounting screws in and put the bottom cover back on and the screw for that and you are done.

Download a program like true image we can help you when you get this far. Click clone disk. Your hdd will be the source and your SSD will be the destanation drive and clone the entire drive. When thats done turn the pc off. push the power button on and hit F2 go to boot devices and set the one that says your hdd to your new SSD. Reboot format your HDD and you are good to go now.

Back up.

go to windows search center Windows 7 recovery. Make a repair disk, Then a image of the drive. Only two option there. It will take a few DVD's. All very simple stuff to do if you have any problems doing any just post it and people will help you.

Also dont buy into the bs that the G series has the best cooling. It does not the cooling is better then normal but not the best. example my main laptop uses 3 larger heatpipes on the GPU and can keep a 100w GTX 680m the same temps as the Asus can keep a GTX 670MX at 75w with 2 slightly smaller heatpipes. Not the best but better then some.

Also to the fans they are loud. Using the system for the post and i can hear them. Gaming it gets pretty loud not as loud as some laptops but deff its not a quiet system. The reason i tell this this is because i dont want you to get it and think the fans are messed up because its not as quet as people say. And you have cooling issues because the cooling system is not living upto the overhype most owners give it.

Really i dont care if you buy a Asus, Alienware, Saver, Clevo, ibuy, MSI, Gigabye whatever. It don't concern me i just want you to know what you getting with nothing but 100% open honesty about the system not the "You buy this system i have it so that makes it the best ever" If that was the case i would be pushing you to a $4,000 monster laptop like my main. This is going to be you're system and if your not happy with it you're the one who has to live with it or return it and eat a restocking fee or something like that.

I hate bestbuy but the G75VX is $1250 there and you get 30 days to test it out. Exchange it however many times you want for other systems or if it has any problems. Thats very nice because if you decide you hate it because of a major lack of features and need more ports like most gaming systems will give you then you can return it. Or if you decide you want to try out a 15 inch or something you can and its hassel free.