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Where can I find a 266 or maybe a 270 nivdia driver for my asus g73sw

Level 7
Last night I did a full fresh install on OS/with drivers. Because of the black screen flickering. I tried using the beta graphics driver for the beta which is I think 285.38.

Because when I first got this laptop in june, I never got the error and my screen didnt flicker, but I dont remember which driver it came with it. Im not sure if it was a 266 or 270(5). If anyone knows I would appreciate it. And if they know a place I can download for the notebooks.

I googled them but I can only find the desktop versions. :S

Thanks 🙂

Level 12
Read the User's Manual for more info. 😄

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JRd1st on

Level 10

Go into my profile, view started threads, and find the thread: how to fix 3D on G73SW (or something in that direction). In that thread you can find a link to NVIDIA and find the driver 266.66 (I think it is for your notebook)

I'm sorry but I would post a hyper link to the thread but I'm on my phone, so it's not easy =/
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Do you think going back to tha driver would fix it ? Because I'm still getting flickering with a new install and fresh drivers. I tried with the 285.38 and the 285.75 or the beta one. I can't figure it out. Been constantly researching it

Level 10
I don't if you downgrade your driver to an older version would help, but to see if it helps you can download and install an earlier version 🙂
(Here is the SITE I talked about, if you not already have been there) 🙂

Have you updated your DirectX latly?
Does this happends on all the games your playing or is it just specific ones?
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Ehh, I think when I installed saints row three it installed the latest one. But it happens only when I'm gaming. Thanks. I'll see of it works and post back. I really want to get this fixed. It's getting really annoying

Level 14
This ASUS site ( has the original video driver for your G73Sw.
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Thanks guys for all the help!!!

The fix for it was-
Fresh Install with drivers
and! 266.58 driver(ithink 58)
But thanks for all the help. I will post it on a fix thread so others can do it if they have the same problem.

Level 10
Good to know that you got your notebook fixed 🙂

If you're not sure which verison you got installed, go to
controlpanel -> programs -> uninstall programs

When you are in there, scroll down to nvidia drivers and to the right you can see which version you have installed 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205