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Where and how to buy ROG Windows 8.1 for G56JR

Level 7
Hi all!
I bought G56JR in Polish distribution with preinstalled Windows 7 (I was bit affraid of Win 8.1 and there was an option in shop to choose old version of the system, so i did). When I turned it on first time, I noticed subwoofer is not working, WLAN and some other stuff. I checked ASUS support web page and the only supported OS is Win8.1. So I tried and succeed to install most of the drivers dedicated to Win8.1 on Win7, but not all of them.
I decided to try Windows 8.1 (it is my first contact with it) so I installed trial version of it. but after installation of all drivers, I don't have those poping up icons as they were on Win7 (for Hotkeys - volume control, keyboard backlight control, etc.)
So can anybody tell me where I can buy the same Windows 8.1 as it is preinstalled on official distribution of ASUS G56JR with all icons, walpapers and additional stuff it goes with.