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When pressing "Alt + Caps Lock" it blocks for some reason the function of "Alt + Tab"

Level 7

Hi everybody,

this is my first time using the ROG Forum for help. I usually fix the issues I get by reading Threads here on this forum.

The issue I'm getting is something really weird and I dont know if its something related to Windows or ROG Laptops.

I have a ROG Strix 16 - G614JU - 2023.

The issue is: whenever I missclick the "Alt + Tab" function to switch  app windows faster, and instead click "Alt + Caps Lock" , the actual funcion of "Alt + Tab" stops working. So whenever I wanna use it, it does not work.

The only way to make it work again is by restarting or shutting down the pc. 

Is it a built-in function that I didn't know about, or is it a bug?

I look on Google to find an answer but there is nothing specific for this type of issue.

May somebody help me with this?

Everytime I missclick and have to change window it get really frustrating to not be able to Alt + Tab...