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What components can I add to my G73JW?

Level 9
Yes, as the topic states!

What components can I add to this beast to make it a bit more beasty.

Right now I have:

Core i5 2.5ghz with 4gb 1333 mhz memory
I figured I get memory that's always a plus.. but what kinds?

I'm totally clueless as this is my first laptop. I found memories at 14 euro maximum cost. But that seems too cheap to be the right ones.

At the moment I have 2x 2gb. And i've read countless of threads that it's important to place right memory into right slot. What do they mean with this? I don't really like to ruin any memory while i'm trying to put them in.
And say If I got 2x 4gb extra. What scenario is infront of me then?

As for the CPU, is it possible to change that CPU to a faster one, Say i7? I've been reading about a 920 extreme. Does that one apply to my JW aswell?

The following questions I'd like to have help with guys (sorry If i'm too organized with the following) are.

1. Can someone link memory that I can add to my JW
2. Should I buy 2x 2gb sticks or 2x4gb sticks?
3. If I buy 2x 4gb sticks I have a whopping 12gb memory, does it matter in what slot they are in?
4. CPU Choice, what CPU can u add to this one that is compatible . Or is it even compatible with another CPU.

At the moment my machine is RMA:ed, and it's coming back in a week or two. I'd like to have all these items purched before it's here, so I appreciate all feedback guys!

Regards, Korre

Level 7
Laptop memory has gotten much more afforable recently so that price is probably correct. I am purchasing an extra 4GB stick of RAM for my G74 and it's only $30! The things you need to match with RAM are the MHz and the PC#, for instance mine is PC10600 1333MHz. So as long as I match those specs, I can get any size I can afford. There is a limit to how much RAM the motherboard supports but from what I've read the G73 supports 16GB just like the G74.

I am not a RAM pro but I have upgraded my RAM in the past, someone else might have more info about the efficiency side of it. For instance I have read RAM works in pairs but I dunno how true that is. I have used different #GB ram in the same computer with no issues. As far as what order to put them in I haven't heard anything about that.

If you can afford it, I would replace the 2GB sticks with 4x4GB. That way you have a ton of RAM and don't have to worry about the order since they're all the same 😉

I believe upgrading the CPU is possible but it will void your warranty.
G74SX-XT1 / OCZ Agility 3 120GB / 16GB RAM

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Hey Korre, just wanted to add my opinion here, doing a memory upgrade to 8gb might yield you slight gains in extreme situations but the fact of the matter is that in todays world unless your doing CAD or some sort of intense video editing your most likely not consuming anywhere near that amount of ram. For day to day operations you will not notice any gains what so ever. As for the CPU, you can get yourself a 920 extreme for around 300 US dollars or so, dont know what your budget is, You will see some performance gains in this area for sure but just think to yourself if spending that money is well spent or rather kept in the piggy bank saving for the next G-Series revision, Suppose its all up to what you want and how much you can afford to shell out for having "the best" hardware you can fit in your system.