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Well seems like our 980m will be outdated soon...(990m announced)

Level 8
Why nvidia why!!
990m announced

Wonder how much it'll cost. Hopefully it isn't too much of a difference though it does say this beast is equal or if not faster than a 980 desktop GPU chip. DAMN!

Prepare guys, mobile GPUs are about to close the gap .

Level 10
Nah, not obsolete at all. The G751 is not a suitable platform for the 990M methinks. Too large a power requirement.
Nader, don't regret anything, MXM boards are ridiculously expensive, a 990M would probably cost like ... $800-$1000 and I doubt the cooling in those machines would handle it.

Level 11
MXM is capped to a 100W, it doesn't look like this card would fit in that restraint. Without a new process used during the chip fab I doubt we will see anything more powerful than the 980m on a MXM board anytime soon.

I'm with Edweird here on MXM boards being silly expensive, even when they are available there are often many other headaches to go along with it. Aside from potential installation hassle / feasibility it is often cheaper to sell your laptop and buy another with the card you want... here is an example That's over $800 for a 980m today.

Until the market changes MXM upgradability is not really a practical feature for consumers no matter how much it is advertized as such.

Level 7
Meh, there is leading edge and bleeding edge... I rather like to keep to the solid edge of tech, rather then the very newest version of something... heck the 980m is so over kill to anything I would ever load that this system should last me I am going to say - a few years... at least...if not longer... but it is good that tech marches on - early adopters make my wallet smile when it's time to upgrade when it's on sale on Amazon.

Level 7
G-Sync laptops are cheaper than those without? ASUS, GIVE US SOME G-SYNC SUPPORT !!!! 51095

Level 10
That article is just educated guesses on every single spec and they make that very clear multiple times. They are wrong more often then not and thereis no guarantee if the 990 does release that any major manuf will even use it much less that asus would put it in a new or updated version. You could get more accurate info with a magic 8 ball.
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]