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Weird Thing Happened...Microwave+G750JH

Level 7
So I placed my laptop bag on a microwave. I wouldn't use it with the laptop on it of course. I go do some stuff for half an hour and see my dad eating 2 hotdogs in his plate (he's weird). I asked him where he got those hotdogs and he said from HEB. I asked them if they were already cooked. He said "Yes, well I mean aren't they already cooked?" I then asked him if he used the microwave. He told me he used it for exactly 1 minute. At that moment I yelled "FUUUUUUUU."

I checked the notebook and everything seems fine. Do you guys think the microwave radiation may have damaged anything? Just venting and making myself feel better. Please make me feel better about myself my ROGers...

Edit. Laptop wasn't on and yes, dad did use the microwave with the laptop bag on it. I asked him why he didn't remove the bag before using the microwave and he just shrugged and said "I didn't know you had anything in it." lol trolled me.
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Level 18
I'm stunned. Hot Dogs ???

As to the G :::
Unless Dad cooked the hotdogs on top of the laptop inside the microwave .. ur should be good to go. .c.

Level 10
nice story. but don't worry, the amount of microwave radiation needed to damage electronics outside of the oven would make it illegal to sell. It does interfere with wifi and bluetooth though so it's a good thing you weren't downloading a large file, I guess...
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Level 7
As the others have said, it will be fine. Microwaves do interfere with wifi though, especially if you have an older microwave. Mine causes huge lag spikes if I am gaming and someone uses the microwave. No PvP when that thing is cooking. 😉
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Level 7
//Troll ON

Next time, if you expect your dad to clean up after you, make sure to place youre laptop inside the microwaveoven.
Otherwise he might not understand the importance of him doing your work.

//Troll Off
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Many years ago, i worked very close to something like this, and the electronic gadgets i had in my pockets got killed.. a digital notebook.. RIP