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Weird problem with G60VX and Diablo III

Level 7
Hi, I have a G60VX ( running Windows 7, I just reformatted it and have installed nothing but drivers, anti-virus, chrome and D3, so here is my problem:

I can log into the game no problems, for the first 1-5mins of gameplay the game runs amazingly smooth and no problems, about 5 minutes into game play, i drop down to about 5FPS and it is not playable.

If I restart the game, the lag is gone for tiny bit and then the FPS will drop again, ive turned down max FPS and turned on Vsync but that hasnt worked. (I am running at low graphics settings now)

This is where it gets even more weird, I downloaded Fraps so I can record the problem happening and post it here, but when I went into the game and I turn fraps on, the game will play for as long as I have fraps running at 20fps (still laggy but playable) and I cant duplicate the bug with Fraps running, but the second I turn fraps off within 15-30 seconds the FPS will drop back down to 5ish

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Level 7
I have the exact same problem. What I would do is alt+tab out for a while and when i came back it would be fine. I suspect its something to do with the gpu overheating. I'm gonna look at some cooling solutions. Redoing thermal past, and increasing airflow.

I've had the same problem, I would highly suggest you stop playing Diablo 3 until you figure out a way to fix your cooling issues. I had the same problem a couple weeks ago right after the new patch came out and I started playing again. My computer even shut down once or twice because of the heat.

Now, I'm not sure of the causality link here, but shortly thereafter all the USB ports on my computer stopped working. Everything short of a reformat has yet to fix them (I hope a reformat will.) But I think it just got too hot and something broke inside, and I'm going to need a new computer.

TLDR: Fix the problem before continuing to play, you may regret it otherwise!