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Weird error after LCD replacement (with picture)

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So I've recently had my LCD and LCD cable replaced for my G750JZ and now I am getting this weird error at start-up. After the Windows 8.1 Logo appears, I get this error (see pic). After the error my laptop tried to update windows but failed and tried to undo changes and update again and it seemed to me like it got stuck in a loop.

Only after I disabled my wireless card was I able to log into Windows. I updated my wireless driver and now I can log into windows normally but I still get the error at every start-up.
Any ideas what could it be ?

Thank you


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You run AVG or any SQL server related programs?

That's all I can find so far on the problem..

The only thing I can think in terms of screen replacement is if they gave you the wrong panel, but that error code seems completely unrelated.

Edit: Noticed you're on an entirely different screen.. more focus to my first question.

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Hey Darnassus (Purple Elves Ftw :),
Thx for the response. Now that you've mentioned it, I was running AVG before I sent the laptop for fixing and at the moment it still has AVG installed on it but I can't start it or uninstall it. When I try to start it nothing happens and when I try to uninstall it, the uninstaller simply stops and disappears. The error might be related to AVG.

Also, the update loop that I was talking about earlier, in the pic you can see the updates that it failed to install and that it undid after I first got the error. Could it be related to NET Framework or Windows server ?

Thank you

uploading pictures

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I have a feeling it's AVG. You need to figure out a way to rip it out of the unit somehow..

Boot up in Safemode there's an option menu to do so I believe when you hold shift when you press 'Restart'.

Try to uninstall it in SafeMode, if it doesn't uninstall that way, then maybe delete the folder it's in.

Update all the things Windows wants, then re-install AVG if you really want it back. Though I have a feeling it may conflict with the update.


Boot up (maybe need to in safemode), hide the updates that're failing and ignore them.

I'd rid of AVG though. Seems too much of a hassle to me. Your unit already has Windows Defender which should be more than sufficient. But yeah.. ;d

P.S. Are you sure your screen replacement was done properly? I am anything but a 'purple' 'elf.'.. ;d

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Problem Solved,
It was AVG, thanks for the tip 🙂 Fortunately, there is an official AVG remover on their website that rips it out from the system.
Cheers and thanks for the help.