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Weird audio issues after clean installing.

Level 7
Hello. So recently i bought a Samsung 850EVO 500GB and I removed my HDD and placed the 850EVO in Bay 1 where the 128GB SSD is located. Long story short the EVO is all alone. I installed windows 10 by using a USB but when it was done and I proceeded to install my drivers, the audio driver was a pain in the @ss! I installed it and Maxx Audio was not showing up so I thought to update it by selecting the corresponding option in the Device Manager. After it was done Maxx Audio was there but was completely bugged and it wouldn't let me customize anything. What I did was to uninstall the driver, install it again, update it and then roll back. After that Maxx Audio was working perfectly.

However here is where all the weird stuff starts to happen. I have the Razer Kraken Pro headset and by buying it I get the Razer 7.1 Virtual Surround program for free. I installed Razer Synapse and afterwards I installed the Surround program. BUT in the options to select an audio device to turn it into surround mode I see "Speakers ( Realtek High Definition Audio )" -which is the right one to select- blurred out and saying that it is incompatible however it is still selected. I am able to turn surround on and when gaming and watching videos on Youtube I can hear that the audio is indeed surround but Razer's equalizer has completely NO difference no matter what I do with it which indicates that it doesn't control the sound. How can the audio be on one hand Surround -when by Default it's Stereo- but on the other hand not change by Razer's equalizer and showing the "Speakers ( Realtek High Definition Audio )" option as incompatible? Finally, I can't even see Razer Surround in the Device Manager. Please note that before swaping my drives it was working as intended. I've tried to un-install and install both Razer Synapse and Razer Surround and the Audio driver numerous times.

I'm sorry for this being a wall of text and I hope that you can help me!
I've also uploaded a screenshot to show you how it looks. On that picture I'm hovering my mouse on that option.