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Webcam and other Problems with G750JM...

Level 7
Hey...I didn't know where exactly to post this so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I received this laptop yesterday and was pleased with it... until the updates for Windows 8.1 came flooding in.

My webcam doesn't seem to work now. It keeps saying to connect a webcam, but it's an internal webcam...I've tried updating drivers, system restores, etc etc etc... to no avail.

In addition to that, earlier when I would place my headphones into the headphone jack, it wouldn't register that the headphones were plugged in and continued to play on the speakers. That fixed itself, though...but it was still odd.

The main issue is of course the webcam. It isn't even listed in Device Manager any more. The light flickers on and off and sometimes the cam magically works and then...stops. When it does work and I'm on video call on Skype, it tends to turn on and off automatically, too.

I would really like some help because this is unbelievably frustrating.

Thanks, guys!