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Way to "Fix" or "Restore" the F9 Factory Reset function/option?

Level 7
Is there a Way to "Fix" or "Restore" the F9 Factory Reset function/option?

NOTE: I am ONLY inquiring about restoring the F9 Factory Reset function/option itself...NOT about "other" ways of restoring a system!
There Can Be Only One!

Again, I feel I need to remind everyone about the subject/topic of this thread, because, it still seems to be straying from the subject/topic itself.

I have seen many others post about problems with the F9 recovery function not working (myself included) well as seen or read many other posts about "OTHER" ways to come to the same conclusion or restore a system to factory default...etc...but that is not what this thread is about.

The idea or intent of this thread is to provide any solutions or fixes to make the "F9 Factory Reset" (ITSELF) function again...that is all.

So, I ask everyone to please try to keep the posts or answers limited to providing solutions or fixes to the subject/topic as this thread suggests..."Way to "Fix" or "Restore" the F9 Factory Reset function/option?" (ITSELF)

Thank you!
There Can Be Only One!