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W10 cumulative 3/2020 broke Aura on G703gxr?

Level 7
EDIT: it seems the aura sync causes these problems: if i have aura sync on and i type anything on the keyboard for a few seconds, the aura lighting freezes. The cumulative did not break stuff.

Somewhat annoying, i dont particulary enjoy the default rainbow color cycle scheme..

original post:
My G703GXR just installed the latest cumulative from windows update (KB4551762) .. after that the keyboard lighting started to act up, the color cycle animations froze and after a reboot the keyboard was no longer showing up in the aura section of Armoury Crate. Using latest available versions of Crate, aura etc.

Uninstalled the cumulative update, rebooted, and now the keyboard lighting seems to be working again.

Have not tried installing the update again, and propably will wait till next month one anyways.