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Volume lowering itself when closing the lid

Level 7
Well, I am the type who like to listen to music when I sleep, my G75V was working completely fine until today when I was going to sleep.

Now I have the volume on 50 and connected the PC to my Stereo, however, when I close the lid, the volume lowers itself down to around 2-4 and the only way to get normal sound is changing the Sample Rate or close and reopen Spotify, however, that only works until I close the lid again, why is this happening? It worked fine 32 hours ago... The value of the volume does not decrease, but the actual volume that comes out of the speakers does...

Level 9
could you update BIOS and install new audio driver to try it.

I boiled it down to be an issue with he Metro version of Skype, the sound behaved the same way as it did when someone called me on Skype, restarting and uninstalling Skype have fixed this issue.

Thank you for you help anyways, Mike ^_^