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volume keys not working with win 7

Level 7
hi guys, be easy on me, its my first day with asus, just switched from dell, im experiencing this problem with the volume keys...actually none of my fn+f keys work..also, there's a speaker on the bottom of the lappy which doesnt work (or i dont hear it maybe). but the thing is im using win7 on my machine, not win8 or 8.1. should i try and dload the AKT package of win8?
oh, and differently from other users who had this problem combined with the non working glow of the keys, my keys glow fine and bright.
also another stupid wont let me move my icons on the desktop anyhwere but in straight line (for example i can't organize the desktop screen somehow like in the leftside some shortcuts, and in the right side some of my work folders or whatever. did i do something wrong or its just how my lappy works and i have to adjust to it?
thanks in, its awful to be a noob 😞

Level 7
guys, its finally working! with ATKPackage_Win7_64_Z100022, anyone experiencing it and is new to asus, just go to asus page and look for akt for win 7. i got 21 results and struck luck with second or third try. thanks for all the help and sorry for the typos if any, im still new to this keyboard format.