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Via Audio Driver v6.0.10.1400a

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RecceDG wrote:
Here's another interesting data point.

I'm on the 0600 drivers. Using external 2.1 speakers and turning on the "2.1" feature in the drivers, you get no LFE.

Specifically, when you run the Test function (the thing that chimes each speaker individually) with 2.1 disabled, the test chimes the left speaker, then the right - as expected. With 2.1 enabled, it goes left, right, "centre" (both left and right fire) tries to fire LFE (the output bars move but no sound plays) then left, then right (at reduced volume) for left surround and right surround.

What this tells me is that the driver is either not playing the LFE channel by accident, or purposely - and that the bug is upstream of the code that switches output between internal and external speakers.

Does anyone have a 2.1 external speaker setup and is on new drivers? Does that still happen?


Is your external speaker setup through the SPDIF? If you're running it out of the analog headphone jack, I believe the headphone jack is just a stereo jack, so that may explain the weirdness. I may be wrong though...
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