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Very confused about this g751jt model-display panel

Level 7
So I bought a g750jm and had problems with it. Amazon stepped up to the plate months later and gave me a full refund. Actually I get it on Monday. I should be getting 1400 dollars. Love asus products so I wanna give them another chance.

I was looking at the g751jt-ch71 for 1499 but it's sold out everywhere including asus website.

Kept looking and found this on togerdirect

It's. 1499 same exact specs as the one above but has 24 gb of ram instead of 16gb

My question is does the model that I posted the link to:g751jt-th71 have an ips display or not? They don't specify that and I even called asus and they don't know for sure they said it should because it's a g751 model but he didn't seem so sure. What do u guys say?thank you in advance

Level 7
You will never be 100% sure unless you actually go and check screen yourself.
I recently bought a G551 and everyone I asked including ASUS said the model I was looking at had an IPS screen so I bought it.
Once I got it home and powered it up I found out it had a TN panel, and a really rubbish one at that!!

Level 7
Damn that's scary. Well, I know the g750 had tn so at least it should be as good as the 750 I wouldn't really mind since it has the better i7 24gb and the gtx 970m. I guess I will risk it. I also called tiger direct and they said they are looking into it. Thank you I hope I can find someone with that model as it's rare.