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user default setting in Bios?

Level 7
"Our tech retested USB which didn’t work after half day.After replicate issue and she did load by user default setting and tried to replicate issue but the issue was gone and problem was fixed by change Bios setting to user default. She tested with 2 USB mouse and 2 USB flash drive over the weekend. Still unit recognizes these USB ports and working fine."

That's the email I got from an Asus service tech telling me how the tech fixed my laptop with intermittent usb failures. Does anybody know how I can replicate that? I got the laptop back for the 5th time and the problem still exists but I can't find any where to set the bios to "User default setting". Is it done by going through F2 when your notebook boots up. I looked and all I can see is load defaults and load optimized, but those didn't work. Anybody know?

Level 10
he's referring to "Restore Default Settings" option in the BIOS, access using F2 @ POST.
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Level 7
Thanks Chastity