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Urgent Help Needed. My Asus G751J will not start - laptop frozen

Level 7
Hi All,
Firstly, my power light is always on at the front of the laptop.
My laptop will not respond to any keys, including the power button.
I can not remove the battery to reset it, as you would with a laptop.

Is there a reset button?
I can not take the battery out as it is difficult to do so in this model.
I have tried putting the power on to it, but no response.
The screen is black, and not red led back light on the keyboard.

Basically, it is not responsive to anything. And, I have to wait till the battery goes flat via the power led at the front of the laptop.

Last thing that I remember was that I put it to sleep via the on-screen power button, but it should wake up via pressing the power button on the keyboard..

Please Help!

Level 11
Try holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds.

Wait a bit then turn it back on.