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Urgent clean install help

Level 7
Hi guys, I have a G74SX, and I have a 6230n Intel WIFI card on it, and an extra 500gb hard drive that I have CS5.5 Suite installed, along with important software like office 2010 with license etc.

I also did the anytime upgrade to w7 ultimate 64 bit, But thats what I'm scared of, IF I do a clean install how will I reinstall w7 ultimate, and I can only use the g74 in safe mode, I don't know what happened but it keeps freezing whenever I boot up regularly, So I need your help to:

Keep my W7 64 BIT Ultimate (Don't have disk!)

Keep CS5.5 Standard Suite licensing and my Dreamweaver license

Office 2010 license...

Please help me this is frustrating... What are steps I should take this is the first time im gonna do a clean install and I wanna do it right without bloatware and without losing any licenses

Barkmarkin wrote:
I have a question, what is the latest bios?

The latest BIOS is v203. Be aware that flashing with a modded BIOS voids your Asus warranty, so do proceed very cautiously when experimenting with these kinds of things. Make sure you have a lot of confidence in the expertise of any source providing such modifications....this is your computer's basic firmware, and if the machine is bricked by it, you will be on your own to cover the repairs.