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Upgrading G46VW CPU

Level 7
Hi guys,

I'm new to forum but I've been lurking around for a while for general advice and guides. I recently bought a G46 and it's an amazing laptop except for the CPU. I'm just not getting the performance that I want while gaming and I am looking at upgrading the CPU. I was looking at getting an i7 3630QM since it's only around 200. My main question is how would I upgrade it? I know there is a disassemble video but they don't go into detail on how to actually replace the CPU. If anyone had any tips/pictures/videos it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Level 7

It's actually pretty easy, there is a socket release button you rotate to release the old 3230, then you drop the new 3630. You'll have to remove the fan and heat sink prior to this. Then repast with some thermal compound. I used IC Diamond when i swaped to a 3840qm. No issues so far. Just use caution when you remove and replace the CPU because the pins are delicate. good luck.

I thought the same way when I recieved my one and quickly resolved to putting a 3630qm in it. Its not that hard, although you're gonna have to go through alot of stuff such as going under the keyboard. If you're not careful, you might not know where everything goes if you want to put the computer back together, as there are many bits and pieces you have to go through to actually replace the CPU.
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