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Updated G75 VW Bluetooth Drivers Available? Not Detecting Bluetooth devices.

Level 9
I have the G75 VW and recently i bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for my PS4, but it's also meant to work with PC/Mac/Tablets, but for some reason My Bluetooth just won't detect any device and they are all sitting less than 1 meter away and Bluetooth is supposed to have a range of 10 meters or more depending on how many walls it has to go through.

I know this is a 5 yr old laptop but surely drivers would still work, i have the latest drivers as when i went to install the one from Ausutek page it said my drivers where newer and it closed the installer window, I uninstalled wireless console 3 as i read that it can cause problems, but it didn't help me any.

anyone know how to fix this?
Or should i buy a Bluetooth dongle from somewhere?

Level 7
Hello Bundy_Drop_Bear
Does it work with any other Bluetooth devices?
If it doesn't, the Bluetooth in you laptop might be malfunctioning.
In this case, I would recommend to send it to repairs or buy a Bluetooth dongle
Thank you

Level 14
Hmm, I just use the little Button USB Bluetooth that came with my mouse there really tiny you might have lost it in the packaging?
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Level 13
One thing I have found with all my ASUS laptops, EVERY one of them! The BT flakes out now and then.
Does it show up in device manager? Some times just deleting it, then scan for hardware changes and it will pop right back up and go to working like nothing happened.

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