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Unable to install W10 on G75VX, selected disk is of GPT partition style

Level 7
I'm doing a clean install of windows 10 on my HDD due to a windows 8 corruption but upon loading into the installer and selecting the blank drive it says "Windows cannot be installed on this drive. This drive is of GPT partition." I am absolutely clueless as to how to solve this. Once again this is a G75VX.

Level 7
Try the method given in this link and see if your problem gets resolved:
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G750JX-CV069P | i7-4700HQ | 24GB | 1.5TB HDD | 17.3" FHD 3D Screen | 3GB Nvidia GTX 770M

Level 9
I use this method with every 10 insider build. An ssd makes the process really quick. When 10 asks for the number, select skip, both times, and it will activate itself when it's done.

Level 7
Hi, I am not sure if your problem is like the one I had when installing W10, but here is how I solved it:

My G750JX has 2 drives (SSS + HDD) and had several problems installing W10. The solution was taking out the HDD and just leaving the SSD with the OS (It was so easy!).

After W10 installed ok, I just put again the HDD.