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Unable to find a charger for my laptop [G53SX]

Level 7
Around 3 months ago, the charging pin broke off into my charger, rendering both my laptop and my charger useless. I had the laptop repaired, however ASUS informed me that my charger was not covered by the warranty. To this day, I have been unable to find a charger that fulfills the beastly requirements of this laptop (19V, 150W, 7.7A). Currently I am in India, however in less than a month I will be in Sweden. Does anyone have any idea where I can find a charger to charge my laptop with? This is an extremely frustrating issue.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Hmmm...I'm a little worried (I may worry too much) your service center might void your warranty if you get the wrong AC adapter and something happens to your DC jack again.

Are you able to check with your local service center about purchasing the AC adapter out-of-warranty from them or get their suggestions (although you might try to discuss the AC adapter warranty status more with them if necessary since other G53 owners have been running into the DC jack problem. I'm also wondering why they decided to cover the notebook, but not the AC adapter under warranty?)?

Actually, if you fixed your notebook locally recently, send me a PM to cl-albert (let us know if you need any help sending a private message through the ROG forums) with your RMA number and serial number. I'll ask somebody to look into it more.

If you want to contact ASUS support, check this page if you can't find a better way.

Otherwise, if you don't care about the warranty, we can also provide suggestions about getting a different AC adapter that should still work.

Good luck!

Level 7
Hey, thanks a lot for the reply!

Unfortunately it has been many months since I had my laptop repaired (it was fixed in April), and even then I had it fixed in Sweden, not in India where I am currently residing. My warranty will also last only for another couple of months, so I don't really mind voiding it. If you still believe I should PM my RMA and serial number, I'll dig them up and send them right away.

Again, thanks for the response!

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Sorry for the delay, and no problem, I'm here to help! 🙂

1. If you have global warranty, you might still want to consider contacting the local ASUS service center in India about getting the adapter replaced under warranty or purchasing it out-of-warranty if necessary.
I may worry too much, but just in case your notebook has a problem with the DC jack again, still check with your local service center even if the notebook is out-of-warranty just to check if they have any good options to offer you to solve it.
Any countries that sell the G53Sx are probably familiar with that DC jack problem and can hopefully offer a resolution.

2. ASUS probably cannot officially recommend it, but unofficially, the G75VW 180W (19V, 9.5A) AC adapter should work fine if you have any problems finding the 150W adapter which may be pretty scarce right now. The G75VW 180W adapter may be replaced by the G750 180W (19.5V, 9.23A) adapter as well. Anyway, to be safe try to get some suggestions from ASUS support or the local service center first if possible.

If you want to contact ASUS support, check this page if you can't find a better way.

#2 is a valid suggestion. The key is to have adequate power, and identical voltage. The power supplies are designed to be capable of sourcing different amounts of current depending on load, so if you get a slightly higher-rated brick, you simply have more headroom on the limits of the charger. It won't cause any problems, just might cost a little more.
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