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Unable to Download Samsung Kies3 to my new G751 ? - solved

Level 7
Hi. I tried to download Samsung Kies3 into my new G751 in order to upload photos to FB and other sites but I'm unable to complete the process. Something about Samsung not allowed or permitted. How can I complete this process? I need to have Kies3 to use with my Galaxy Note 4. Thanks in advance. :mad:

Level 10
I too have a G751JY but never heard of Samsung Kies3, is it a Samsung notebook photo app? If so, it is probably only compatible w/ Samsung brand purchased laptop/notebooks.
You can find another 3rd party photo app for cheap that will have similar features that will work with your G751 to enable your photo uploads. Good luck. It will probably work on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well, but before you purchase the third party photo app make sure it's compatable w/
whatever version of Windows you have on both systems.

Thanks for your response. Kies3 is the official application to manage and transfer files (photos, music, etc) from your Galaxy phone into your computer. It is very easy to use. I've been using it for years now in my desktop and it is up to version 3 now. I wanted to use KIES3 because I'm very familiar with it. I read somewhere that there is an issue with Samsumg and Windows 10 not allowing the install. There appears to be a way to get around that but I've been unable to find it. I'm willing to entertain other applications to manage my Galaxy Note 4.

Solved. Samsung has a new Kies application. I believe I was trying to install the pre Galaxy Note III one. The new one works without problems with Windows 10.