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Turn on laptop with keyboard button or mouse (ASUS G75VX) (BIOS)

Level 7
Hi all,

I have Asus G-75VX 2013 model laptop and broke the power socket by mistake while cleaning (flex cable cut) and now i can't open my laptop with that button.
I make circuit by touching with metal and turns it on like that.
I made searches and people say that i can make Keyboard or mouse turn on setting on BIOS.
But the problem is this feature is on BIOS > Power Management section and there is no Power management section in my BIOS screen !
My BIOS is the latest Version (206) according the official Asus support website.
So how can i make the settings to arrange my laptop's any keyboard button or mouse click to turn on my laptop from completed closed state ?
It is very annoying that couldn't find Power Management Tab in BIOS 😕
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Level 7
Any help guys ??
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Level 8
BIOS ->Advanced -> Onboard Devices Configuration -> USB power delivery in Sosf Off state (S5) - Enabled

Level 7
Already enabled. Then how to make the settings to turn on the laptop with keyboard ?
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Level 10
Hello kptcan,
Please kindly send your device to service center.
Thank you very much.