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Trying to Locate G501VW Screen for Replacement

Level 7
Hello Everyone!

I'm new here as you probably can already tell. My company (a very small one made of 6 people) currently owns a G501VW 4K version and we use it mainly for mobile video and photo production as well as light gaming. A few months ago we had one of our teammates borrow the laptop out of the office so he can go and work on his assignments at home for convenience. Then around January 2017, he accidentally left a USB flash disk in between the screen and the keyboard and closed it shut leaving us with a physically damaged screen which is completely unusable as of now. We've been reaching out to Asus APAC for help regarding getting a replacement screen for our unit but it seems we haven't gotten any farther than us providing our information to them. We need this unit for our work and it has been almost 2 months since we stayed asking around and yet we haven't gotten any closer to resolving our issue.

Does anyone have any clue where we could possibly get a spare 4K 15.6" screen to replace the broken one we have? We're currently located In Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. We're hoping we could possibly get this fixed soon. We have qualified technicians on our team and we are willing to install the new screen ourselves if that's what it takes. Right now, we don't even mind if we get our warranty voided. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Level 7
Hello arsicusph
I'm sorry for the trouble you have been through just to reach out for help
Is there any RMA number or tracking number that the local service has given you?
If yes, please provide it and the unit serial number, your contact information via private message to me
I'll pass them to related personnel to assist on this matter
Thank you

Hi Bill! I've already sent you the message. Hope it finds you well. Thanks!

Hi Bill! I've already sent you the message. Hope it finds you well. Thanks!

Level 10
Hello arsicusph,

From where have you bought the unit? If it is still under warranty, the official service centers I know are in Makati City and in Cebu City. I have talked with the technicians in Cebu City (but I've never been there) and I have gone to the shop in Makati City. You can find their contacts and address in Asus website. They may not have the spare part on hand but they can certainly order it for you. I think it will be expensive, but it is worth a try.

I think that you can also find working old spare parts taken from defective units in ebay. This route will be cheaper I think.

Asa inyo sa CDO sir?

I purchased the unit in somewhere in Quezon City some time in April last year. I forgot the exact vendor. I haven't made contact with them since I could not find the misplaced receipt. Even so, this isn't a matter of being in-warranty since the panel is physically damaged beyond repair. And I haven't had any good experience with the nearest service center which is in my city by the way. That's the reason why I'm asking around here. I'm afraid we might have to just order our parts somewhere else if we can't get this issue resolved by next week.

Level 10
Have you tried Interpace-Gaisano City, Cagayan de Oro City? They are listed as a service center for Asus Laptops. Since you have guys in your team who are techies, you can just try to remove the LCD and see what model it is, and find the part and order from the internet (ebay).