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Triple monitor setup on ASUS ROG G750JM or ASUS ROG G750JS

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Hello fellow gaming laptop enthusiasts!
I have 2 topics I need information on. Preferably also some input from ASUS will be
appreciated because you did advertise that following setup will run. I am already running
2 monitors on 1x HDMI to HDMI and 1x MDP to HDMI using adapter + Laptops own monitor.
I was looking to purchase a desk stand for 3 monitors and keep lid closed.

1. I recently purchased Asus G750JM and planning to get G750JS instead.
I have 3 monitors at home which are Asus VN248H-P which I bought on sale.
Each monitor has 2x HDMI and 1x DSUB (VGA) outputs, 5ms refresh and can run 1080p
at 60Hz (Advertized max refresh is 75Hz but I cant get it to run at that frequency for some
reason). One of the reasons I purchased ROG G750 was promise to be able to run 3x monitor
setup on HDMI 1.4 or MDP 1.2 outputs that I have. What do I need in order to setup 3 of these
monitors? I am planning to keep laptop lid closed + run wireless mouse + keyboard (17.3 inch
is not enough for work that I do). Any idea what cables/adapters I need to buy? Any help will be
much appreciated.

2. Also reason I am considering to upgrade to G750GS from G750JM is that after
considering cost of the SSD I purchased it is worth to invest in G750JM. I also deduced
from reading online that gap in performance between 860m to 870m is huge, compared
to gap between 870m to 880m. Also I read that 860m is maxwell core compared to 870m
and 880m, which based on kepler core. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Thank you very much for your time. It is my first post as well 😃

Edit: this is from Asus promo page for G750 laptops:

"Expand your viewing horizons

Trinity Display technology is an innovative and exclusive ASUS ROG design that allows gamers to output graphics to three displays simultaneously via HDMI 1.4 or Mini DisplayPort 1.2. As well as for gaming, Trinity Display is great for watching movies and multitasking."

P.S. Or should I run triple monitor setup like this?:
1x MDP to HDMI (I purchased adapter already)
1x VGA to VGA
Do you think there will be any quality issues? My primary goal is to extend the desktop and
run each monitor separately if possible.

Level 7

Will this adapter work if I hook up 3 DisplayPort to HDMI cables to this adapter?

Edit: Update:
I tried to chat with ASUS reps 4 times today. After explaining situation they disconnected from chat.
It always ended with phrase "I am trying to research it for you". I never thought ASUS lacking so seriously
in technical support.

Level 7
I'm running a 3 monitor configuration on a G750JH and it's working very well for gaming and connecting to my office Windows VM through a Citrix client.

--1x HDMI
--1x MDP MDP2HDS (
--1x USB 3 to HDMI (

Every once in a while after rebooting or waking the laptop I'll need to unplug/plugin the MDP adapter to initialize the 3rd monitor.

Nice. Let me ask you why you are not utilizing built in VGA output? is USB 3 to HDMI better then VGA? You never heard about trinity or possibility of daisy chaining multiple monitors to a single hdmi or mdp source?

Edit: Nevermind, you probably have all your monitors with hdmi ports?

1080p over VGA is not advisable. It will be blurry most likely (you will see a difference if its right next to an HDMI output anyway). Your better bet would be to use a Display port splitter as you have previously posted to power all 3.

They really should do away with an analog output (VGA) on these laptops. Takes up valuable real-estate on a laptop. IMO anyway.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
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I reused my adapters from a previous eyefinity setup and that required using a combination of DVI, MDP, HDMI ports (no VGA) to HDMI AOC monitors. I have no intentions in experimenting with a Surround configuration on this G750 nor do I even know if it’s supported.

“USB 3 to HDMI better then VGA?” The VGA is a pure video output and does not require drivers unlike the USB to HDMI adapter. So unless you’re looking for a Surround setup, I’d go with the MDP Hub or using a 1x HDMI, 1x MDP and VGA configuration (I’ve confirmed this works).

Personally, I like to keep things simple and consistent and therefore would have gone with the MDP Hub if I hadn’t already had working adapters “in stock”.

Edit: The USB 3 to HDMI adapter does NOT support a Surround configuration

Level 7
sill looking at the best way to do this. I tried using a Thunderbolt dock. not only did i get a defective dock, but turns out you can't use displayport and HDMI on it at the same time. Im not sure I want to spend another $50-100 to find out if it can support multi-monitor adapter for the displayport 1.2