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Touhpad scrolling lost in G701VI

Level 7
Edit: Sorry, this is a duplicate post, the problem was already reported on this thread:

I have a problem with G701VI laptop touchpad. It constantly loses gestures, like two finger scroll or pinch zoom, if I shut down/reboot. I can get the functionality back by reinstalling/repairing the ASUS PTP driver (or removing it), only to lose it again after turning the laptop off.
I wonder if this is an ASUS problem, or is it the fault of Windows 10? I hope there's a way to fix this permanently.

Level 7
Can you tell me when did you start experiencing this issue? Since the purchase of this unit?
If so, I would suggest to send your unit for RMA, thank you

Level 8
All the laptops with Asus Touch pad suffer of this problem since Windows 1607 update. I have a G752VS and this exact thing happens.
It's not a hardware problem, it 's the drivers.
There have been many threads about this problem, and no one, including you Bill, was any help.
Actually , are you helping at all ? All you do is say thank you for posting. Is your name really Bill anyway ?

risto, somehow I have updated to Asus Touch Pad driver, build date 23 September 2016. This one seems to be more stable and last longer.

same issue, no fix.

I contacted ASUS support about this but they weren't really of any help. I was told to update the ATK, touchpad and chipset drivers. Mine were already the latest versions so this obviously didn't help.

The support also suggested to do a Windows recovery install but I will not bother to do that. I don't believe it would help anyway.

BogdanGiulei, my touchpad driver version is also

Unfortunately it seems the good people at ASUS don't either know or care (or both) what causes this problem. I'm hoping this will be solved by a Windows update soon.

turn off the fast boot.. and thats it.. smart gesture will automatically and magically works

Lognithan wrote:
turn off the fast boot.. and thats it.. smart gesture will automatically and magically works

That doesn't do it for me, the problem also happens after sleep, not only hibernate or reboot .

What I did is this :
By default Windows tries to instal from April, beause that's in Windows Update already. Go to Device Manager and uninstall that driver - check delete driver files also. After that go to DriverStore in system32 and delete the files if still there.

Then run the setup for
It installs itself in
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS PTP Driver\win10\AsusTPDrv\x64\Elan_Focal_PTP
( this is good for the G752 series I think )
Every time you loose the full functionality just go there , right click on the inf and install.

It seems to be surviving sleep mode at least, on the other hand, I have removed most of the other stuff that came from Asus so I am not sure if this will help you, maybe its some other software interfering.
I have the latest ATK too : ATKPackage_Win10_64_VER100050, but I doubt that helps with the touchpad, I think the ATK only manages the keyboard and the macro keys and that Asus support has no clue about their own products ...