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Touchpad Problems (Randomly Clicking)

Level 7
Hey guys I just did a fresh install of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my 74SX and my girlfriend's K52D. Both were previously running Windows 7 with no Touchpad issues.

Now, however, when we are typing the cursor will randomly click wherever it is located on the screen. This is not a palm bump issue or anything like that. I will type with my hands completely above/away from the touchpad and it still happens.

I have tried both the Synaptic and Sentelic drivers neither of which have helped. So I decided to come here for help...

Once again neither machine had any issues with Win 7 so I am sure it isn't a hardware problem. Maybe I am just not finding the
right combo of drivers.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Level 9
hmm im pretty sure is the win8 issue as is relatively new and still in process..since win7 you guys doesnt have any problem.
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Level 14
Try this - uninstall the Synaptics or Sentelic driver from Control Panel, then reboot and let Windows 8 install the Plug n Play touchpad driver.

This goes for the other device drivers - there is no guarantee a Windows 7 driver will work in Windows 8.
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