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Totally Confused about NVIDIA Graphics

Level 7
Forgive my ignorance, but ....what is the difference between between Nvidia GeForce 660M and 660 Ti....if there is a difference?

Also, since I've been looking at buying a G75 series, I've been looking at the 660 with 2GB...I came across another system that I was comparing and just barely caught that they had 660 with 1GB....I thought at first it was a typo. So...I guess I need to be careful....

Level 14
Yes do pay attention there are several options out there for sale. Geforce 660 and 670, Hard drive options SSD 256 with a 750 SATA , some have 2 500 SATA some have one 750 sata hard drives. Some have 3D Screens some don't. DVD drive or BD/DVD writer. Check through the threads for all the detail. It matters who you purchase from. there is a thread here somewhere that listed all the different models. What you will see is G75VW-DS72 the last 4 figures tell you what's in them and what retailer sells them.
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Level 9
660M is the mobile version hence the M and the 660Ti is a card that goes into a desktop PC that is what he wants to know he wasn't asking about the difference between the 660M and 670M version of the G75.

hope this helps.

And about your other question: YES the 1GB is a typo since the 660 whichever model it is is a too high-end graphics card to have only 1GB of memory. All the 660 models, will it be desktop or mobile versions have 2GB of VRAM 🙂

Level 15

Level 7
whats the performance of GTX 660 Ti compared to our 660M ( had to ask)