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Tips/tricks/helping with G750JH

Level 7
Hello Rog community ! Im from Italy and a i just bought my first gaming/asus/rog laptop. Is a G750JH-T4170h with 16G ram,750GB HDD 7200,WIN 8 etc. All i have done it was to update the latest nvdia driver form and doing some test.

I make a test on and i make 2856 score ( its very low compared what ive seen on this forum).
Then i played the games Metro last night and battlefield 4 , both on ultra settings for about 1 hour and the temperatures was fine ( GPU 71C max and CPU 65C max ).

Anyone can tell me what i must do/look for the first time ? ( Upgrades,updates,configurations;Win 8.1 etc ).

Thanks and im glad to be apart of this community.
Have a good day !

PS: Sorry for the bad english.

Level 9
Hi there,

Was your laptop connected to the AC adapter when you ran the benchmark? Your CPU may not have been fully utilized if you were running on battery or on a power saver power scheme.

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Level 7
Yes it was connected and set to high performance.

LE: I understand now why my score is so low compared with others. I dont have an SSD ! 😄