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Thinking of upgrading from my G750jm, need some tips!

Level 7
Hey all, lately I've been thinking about upgrading to a newer laptop, and I need some advice on what I should potentially pick...

Currently I have 2x G750JM's and a G73jh for my spare that is used pretty much for downloading and storage, if ever used at all lol xD I want to sell one or maybe both g750's and get something sexy....

My G750JM (i7-4710HQ, GTX860M maxwell) is what I use daily. I mainly do heavy gaming and the usual browsing/movies ect, possibly some streaming soon. Lately I've been wanting something new.. I need advice on rigs to look at that would be a good improvement over the G750JM for the best deal.

I prefer ROG but am open to any suggestions!

Level 7
From what I can tell the only upgrades worthwhile that you can get in a laptop atm would be a 880/970/980 (M) +... anything else seems not even worth choosing over what I have.

So my only choices are pretty much G751 and G752 's with those cards right? I fin hate that the integrated battery though... >.<

Wait...... What about the GL702 ROG Strix? This is why I needed help/suggestions I didn't even know these existed lol xD GTX 1060 6GB and it costs not even $1,000-1200 wtfbbq?

Idk if they are as good as they look, or if theres another model as good for value/performance, but I haven't seen anything close yet. anybody out there?