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The New 3DMark - Post Your ROG Notebook Scores Here!

Level 10
Asus ROG G55 Nvidia 660M core 1,200mhz mem 3000mhz (as far as I can push it I reckon)


It's because he was running the initial "670MX supported" 310.83 drivers from ASUS not optimized ones from NVIDIA. Massive difference in performance.

ZeroBarrier wrote:
Looks more like he ran the benchmark unplugged.

Yes, his physics scores alone are dirt low compared to what they should be.

No, my laptop was plugged in. But i dont know what should i do about make better my graphic scores.
Asus G75VX

Level 9
UNFORTUNATELY my 2013 G55VW-DH71 with Windows 8 has some incompatibilities with that program. It shows me the Win 8 Blue Screen of Death :confused: do you guys know how to fix it?

Fire wrote:
Yeah format your laptop and put a real operating system like Windows 7

*banned website*

If you need help getting a genuine windows 7 key which is an OEM Key can be used on any ASUS notebook, send me a PM and I will guide you how
Thank you, dude but that's a big mess for just running a benchmark program hehe.

AlexTheRepublican wrote:
Thank you, dude but that's a big mess for just running a benchmark program hehe.

you're welcome

Im not saying you need to follow that guide just to run a benchmark, just in case one day you are tired of Windows 8 😉 might come in handy 🙂

Level 10
g75vx all stock on 310.90

The OC's on a 670MX sure net great performance, it's night and day difference with results.

Level 10
updated G75VX stock on 313.96

I wonder why on result is still on 310.70 even on gpu-z still 310.70 but forceware is 313.96

It should show Probably need to do a clean install instead of updating.