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The infamous battery issue - ROG G751JY

Level 7
As my battery failed (0% will not charge, shuts off randomly) I searched around and found the link to the Zandparts website. Contacted them when the batteriy will be back in stock, it wont they said because ASUS stopped selling them so I contacted ASUS. They will not help me out.

So I paid about $2000 for this laptop and now after three years it's getting close to being useless. Because of a battery. The laptop itself works fine but unfixable thanks to good ol' ASUS. Sure one may think "lolz it's three years old bruh buy a new one scrub" but I think it's pretty ridiculous that there's a simple solution impossible (as it seems atm) to utilize.

Has someone bought a battery by another manufacturer that works? Thanks in advance

Level 9
You can give the battery to a firm that regenerates them. They replace the cells and reset the chip inside. If the firm puts Panasonic/Sanyo cells inside, your battery will even last longer than on original LG cells. It is a better option than using cheep chineese replacements. You just have to find that firm near you.
Or you can buy one of ebay which will be unknown quality and last for unknown period of time 🙂
You know every battery will fail eventually. And from my knowledge with laptops, 2-6 year lifespan is best what you can get depending what cells where used. LGs last a tad bit shorter than other cells.

Hey Wynl, do you know the names of any companies we could use as a starting point? Mine failed just past the 1 year mark.

Level 7
Zandparts has 3rd party batteries forG751. They emailed me this link.

For whats its worth I had all problems described above with my G751JT. For years I muddled through until battery pack went completely dead.
I mustered up courage and bought a new battery off Amazon, found the utube video where the guys replaces battery on G751. I followed his steps and I now have a fresh battery and its like a new computer to me. No more worries about all the flashing lights.

BTW I took the old battery pack apart to see if any of the 18561 batteries were good. I tested them all and though old and low on capacity they were all still good and probably were not the cause of failure. I attribute failure of this pack to the BMS, battery management system board that is in the pack, which controls the charging and balance of the 8 / 18650 LIPo batteries. These circuit boards are the weakness IMHO.