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The G75VW Random Shutdown Mystery not Solved

Level 7
I got my G75VW back a few months after it first came out and for years, until now, I've been suffering from a seemingly random shutdown/powerloss reboot. No matter what the computer was doing, playing games, at the windows login screen, browsing the web, occasionally it would shut down as if the cord was unplugged and battery removed.

Other users have solved this by disabling hibernation and uninstalling certain ASUS programs, I've done all that. Like everyone else, no problems show up in event log. I've reinstalled and uninstalled USB 3 drivers.

I have now found the solution. My USB ports.
With anything plugged into my computer via USB in any port other than the non-powered usb on the right side of the computer, my computer will ALWAYS reboot within 1 day, at the best of time, every 30 minutes or so at the worst.

So, I've diagnosed the problem, finally after 2 or 3 years. I have no idea where to begin solving it, or even if it is solvable at all. If anyone has any ideas, please point me in the right direction. Thank you!

TL;DR - Computer crashes randomly when anything is connected to any USB port other than one. Ideas?

Level 7
Is your computer still up and running?

This trick didn't help me though 😞

Yeah. As long as I only have one thing plugged into the computer in the front-right usb and nowhere else, its fine. Otherwise it always crashes. I recently had to reformat a 3TB exD that went read-only because it crashed in the middle of copying.

Level 7
I remember having sudden shut-downs (I mean like having sudden power outage) and they told me that they could not reproduce that in their service center. I forced them to change the motherboard and since I had never this problem.

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I also have a G75VW with random shutdown issues (only on battery though) and am looking for some clarification from your post.

Concerning your statement:

USB in any port other than the non-powered usb on the right side of the computer

What do you mean by "non-powered usb" exactly? My front right USB is my USB Charger+ that the one you mean?


UPDATE: The computer just crashed twice in 2 hours, the only thing plugged in was the mouse, in the port that was working before. I'm so done with this, USB broken, DVD drive broken, horizontal lines on the screen, I just want to RMA it.

Anyone have any experience with RMA? Ie: how much did it cost, how long did it take?

risingTide wrote:

What do you mean by "non-powered usb" exactly? My front right USB is my USB Charger+ that the one you mean?

Sorry for the late reply. On the right side of my computer there are two usb ports. One has a little lightning bolt next to it, the other doesnt. I presume the lightning bolt one is powered while the computer is off but idk, never used it. the point is the only usb port that didnt trigger the crash for me was the one with out a bolt (the one closesed to the Minidisplay port. However, please see my edit.

Level 7
I seemed to have fixed the problem... I've basically always used my computer plugged in on the High Performance battery setting. I decided to try it on Balanced, and sure enough, for the past week I've had all 4 USB's plugged in, and not one crash.

Level 7
Update: 2 weeks later and its started crashing again. No idea why. I'm about ready to let gravity do the "fixing", unless RMA is cheaper than I think it is.

Level 7
hello there! i have a strange situation like u. when i'm playing fifa and someone is calling me and put it on pause,after 15min is shutting down or asus is with an original ssd 256gb and 750gb/ is on plugged is a setting from battery mode?i used it on high performance.pls help me!

Level 7
I have the same issues. It's a gpu issue or something, or a power supply thing i dont know.

I found a fix for my machine. First of all downloading the latest BIOS driver from asus site helped. Then download msi afterburner or some other clock program and UNDERCLOCK your GPU. I set mine to 365 Mhz (the minimum) and I get guaranteed no crashes.

But it really sucks because I can't play any games now, I have to stick to the lowest graphical settings, in games like WoW and League these settings look like crap, and the whole reason I bought a 2000+ dollar laptop was so I could play at max settings on the go... Such a shame.

Anyway turning up the core clock to about 450 or more and then playing a game or even doing random tasks cuts the power from the computer.. great. At least most of the computer is functional, you just have to stick to the lower settings. Hopefully that might help some of you guys.