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Surge Protectors for Laptops

Level 7
I would like to know everyones opinions on the best surge protectors for laptops? I have a G750JX and would like to get the best protection possible. I have heard that there are protectors specifically made for laptops.

Status Under Review
You would not need a Surge Protector as the power brick itself should handle such circumstance.

Though I guess if you're worried about your adapter not being able to 'adapt' to that spiking. (Unless you have real bad voltage spikes) then........

What country are you from?

Can you provide a picture of what your wall socket looks like?

What is your voltage to your socket?

Would you like fries with that?

Will you plug more appliances other than your laptop charger into the Surge Protector?

Do you want an extension board / power strip, or a wall mounted socket?

4 or 8, or _ amount of plugs?