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summertime madness on g53

Level 7

In the last few weeks I have encountered two problems with my g53sw (460m) which might or might not be related.
First, my computer has been turning off many times while gaming or doing some video conversions. I know it's summer and it's probably 3-4 degrees warmer in my room than usually, but I don't think that should affect my laptop that much. I had to stop using throttlestop and even put my power setting on Power Saver but the laptop would still turn off after 10-15 min of playing non demanding games. (like mw2) The gpu and cpu temps looked fine everytime I checked, but then all of a sudden the cpu vent would go like crazy and the machine turn off.
So that problem probably has to do with the processor.

Another issue is, that sometines when I close the lid and my laptop should go to sleep, the cpu fan blows like crazy and then my pc turns off. This is weird and I've never heard of something like that. It happens mostly after gaming sessions like after closing the game I'm still on the computer for 10-15 minutes, close the lid and that's when it happens.

Thx for any help

Level 12
Turning off at weird times huh. Is your power pin loose?

Level 7
I don't think it has to do with the power pin. Also the battery is in, so it wouldn't turn off.
It's weird that the cpu works for no reason. Could it be a virus?

Level 7
Any ideas?

Level 8
sounds like a temperature problem, can you use cpu-z with logging enabled, so you can check the temps at the moment it shuts off?

now for the second problem, do you have only windows installed or do you have also linux on the same drive? sometimes the sleep function gets messed after changing how the drive boots

Level 7
i agree on the first problem, i'll try and log the temps while gaming.

For the other one: i only have windows 7 installed on the pc. I don't know if this is related, but i also have the problem that sometimes when i close the lid, the pc wakes itself up right away, so I have to close the lid twice. (which is annyoing)