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Sudden purple tint image retention issue....

Level 7
So I've had my ROG laptop for just under a year now with no problems of note but just a few hours ago I was browsing away as normal and suddenly my screen
developed a pinky/purple tint....there are also seems to be some sort of ghosting or image retention going on as I can faintly make out my own desktop wallpaper
and icons as I type this message. I did a reboot and system restore both yielded 0 results, I also checked my 970m graphics card was working properly via windows
and it appears to be working fine so I'm confused as hell as to what's going on....anyone had this problem before? or heard about it and is there a simple fix? FYI I've
already checked to see if it fn+c setting but it's definitely nothing to do with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me mad.

Level 8
My screen flashes pink when going fullscreen...and sometimes after that it turns off and i have to restart.

Ok so this morning I connected the laptop up to my TV via HDMI and it the image on the TV was 100% perfect and not the screen burny pinky tinted mess that displays on the laptop screen......could it be I just need to replace the screen?

Level 13

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Level 7
did you overclock your display?
Laptop: G751JL
Processor: i7-4750HQ
Graphics Card: GTX 965M
Memory: 8 GB Samsung (stock)
Storage #1: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
Storage #2: 1 TB 7200 rpm (stock)
OS: Windows 10 x64