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Successfully flashed G752VSK OC BIOS into G752VM

Level 7
Well, successfully as in I was able to boot into the fancy BIOS interface of the VSK OC model, but of course most peripherals were not recognized at all.

This is something I did a couple of years ago when of I was bored out of my mind on a Saturday morning, but always wondered: what if...

I saved the modded BIOS but never did anything with it. I don't remember exactly how I went about it, but I think it involved replacing the CPU microcode of the G752VSK OC with the one from the G752VM with MMTool. There was of course a fair amount of trial and error involved before getting it to work.

I must say that this was only valid for the Skylake chipset with the 6th generation CPUs (6820HK and 6700HQ), so not the models with any 7th gen CPUs.

I know that the VSK is the model with the 7820HK CPU but the BIOS that I grabbed at the time says "Asus Rog G752VSK-F1 MB ver300" and is the one with the 6820HK CPU.

I think that if at all possible this would require extensive testing of BIOS module swapping with MMTool, patching, etc, to allow those peripherals to be recognized.

I don't remember exactly what worked and what didn't, but I believe all USB ports were out and the only thing that worked was the laptop's keyboard and trackpad.
I think the fancy interface of the VSK allowed for the mouse to work in it, which I thought was really cool though there was a bit of mouse lag.

Does anyone knowledgeable of the matter think there could be something worth exploring about this mod?
I know I am kind of late to the party and should have posted this years ago but, VS and VM models of the G752 series are still around...

I won't try this anymore but if anyone sees potential and is interested in carrying on this project, let me know.