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Strix GL753VD - removing yellow screen tint?

Level 7
From what I've seen, this is a pretty common issue across ASUS laptops, but I can't say I've found a working solution as of yet.

After being discouraged from pursuing a Win7 option here, I've decided to move ahead with my Strix GL753VD laptop as is, Win10 and all. The issue is, the laptop has a noticeable yellow tint to it, as seen here in this attachment comparing my old bootcamped Macbook I have been using in the interim between my old G73jh dying and setting up the Strix GL753VD.


My g73jh had a built-in color profile program that I never used aside from accidentally pressing the wrong key combinations on the keyboard every now and then, but I know it was never "warm" to this extent. I had attempted to rectify this within the Asus Splendid program that came pre-installed with the GL753VD, but this did not help. I attempted to use the built in windows monitor calibration tool, which only seemed to make things a bit buggy during the process. I have seen some people recommend I uninstall Asus Splendid to rectify this issue, but I'm a bit uneasy about doing so. I also checked the "nightlight" function within the settings, it is indeed turned off.

My major concern is that in addition to gaming, I also use this laptop in my career as an artist, and using it as is could potentially cause me to perceive colors incorrectly while working. If anybody could possibly offer some insight as to how to remove the yellow tint and achieve a color profile similar to what's being displayed on my bootcamped macbook, which has the same look as my old G73jh, I would deeply appreciate it, as this is the only thing preventing me from confidently using the GL753VD at this point.